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Three Tips to a Faster Sale of Lakefront Property in Central Florida

Many people dream of owning a lakefront property in Florida and we have plenty of lakes and rivers here to allow that dream to come true. Now, if you own this type of property and are considering selling it, you want to attract a buyer that is willing to pay for it, and I have some tips to achieve that.

Let's take a look at three tips I have that will make your property even more attractive to buyers who are seeking a lakefront property in Central Florida. These tips will make the sale process move a bit faster and smoother for everyone involved. Let's also take note that these tips will apply whether there is an existing home or structure on the property or if it is vacant because it's the lake that we are focusing on.

TIP ONE: Educating the Buyer about the Lake!
It's all about educating a buyer about the lakes in this area and specifically the one that best fits their desired lifestyle, which will hopefully be the lake on which you are selling property! With so many lakes to choose from in Central Florida, buyers will look at many factors such as lake size, boating, fishing and close proximity to other amenities. This information is important and we have ways of finding it.

In this post, we are going to use as an example one of Orlando's largest chain of lakes, Lake Conway and Little Lake Conway, a connecting body of lakes located just south of Downtown Orlando and north of the Orlando International Airport.

Just check out the stats on this lake, if you didn't already know how large this group of lakes is!

Size and Volume

Surface Area1,773 acres
Mean Depth23.0 feet
Maximum DepthNot Available
Approximate Volume9,475,675,701 gallons


WatershedBoggy Creek Watershed

Google Map of Lake Conway Chain of Lakes

So, where did we find this information about Lake Conway? Orange County has put together a wonderful online resource that highlights many of the major lakes and rivers within its borders, called "The Water Atlas." Besides the basic information about Lake Conway, as we linked above, you will find resources regarding invasive plant species (more about that in my next tip,) water levels and water quality readings and so much more! This is a wealth of information for any lakefront property owner or anyone that is interested in Central Florida's natural water resources. This is just what buyers need to know as well!

The Orange County Water Atlas:
Your Online Resource for Orange County's Lakes, Streams, and Watersheds

Oh, one more interesting resource to show you before we move onto the next tip, is one that Orange County has provided called the "Lakefront Homeowners Guide," also found on the Water Atlas website - linked below.

This 12-page guide is packed full of amazing information that is perfect for existing and future lakefront property owners. It touches on subjects like seawalls and docks, stormwater runoff, plant species and fertilizer use around the lake. Check it out for yourself!

Lakefront Homeowners Guide:

Now, onto the next tip...

TIP TWO: Maintaining the Lakeshore!

An essential element of owning lakefront property is maintaining the vegetation that grows along the shoreline. As many lakefront owners can attest, maintaining this part of the property is crucial in keeping it attractive so that they can enjoy the property as well as attracting the next owner. 

Did you know that if there are invasive species of plants that have encroached on your shoreline, there is a permit process to remove them? There is a cost for the permit and ultimately the removal (if outsourcing the removal,) but it is truly minimal based on the impact that it will have on obtaining a great sale price for your property. Buyers will definitely take notice if your shoreline is not maintained and may not even take a second look when considering a purchase. Think of your shoreline as your curb appeal to the property, because a buyer is more focused on that part, not the streetside in most of these cases. In general, the less work they have to do after purchasing a property, the more value they will see in buying yours over others.

How do you get this permit? Click on the link below that takes you to the Orange County webpage where you can access the permit application as well as the "No Objection Form." This form is available so that you can help expedite the application process by talking to your neighbors and having them sign this statement of approval. In my opinion, it never hurts to take the time to talk to your neighbors about this, as they may want to do the same thing to their shoreline. Complete removal of invasive plant species benefits everyone around the lake.

Orange County Lakeshore Vegetation Removal Permit

Also, if you wondered about which plants are considered invasive, check out this great guide provided by the Orange County Environmental Protection Division that can be accessed directly on your mobile device via a QR code to use in the field, literally. While you are standing at your lakeshore, use this guide to determine if you are looking at any invasive species. Very cool tool - see the link below to access this webpage!

Little Quiz:

Which one of these shorelines do you think would attract a buyer? View A with overgrown trees and brush or View B with an instant view of the lake with just a few shade trees and grass?

View A

View B

I'm sure you got the right answer, so let's get to the final tip...

TIP THREE: Know if your property is in a "Flood Zone"

Now don't let those two words scare you even though a flood can be devastating in so many ways. I have personally lived through a few flooded homes as a child in mid-Michigan due to heavy snow melts and rising rivers in my family members' homes. We didn't even live near a lake or the river but still experienced what a flood can do to a home.

As an adult and as a real estate professional living in a state surrounded by water for the past 25 years, I am well aware of how hurricanes can flood homes. Homes that are not even near a body of water. Education is the key to understanding your home and property risks and how to prepare for when this happens because there is a high chance it will happen to your property. Again, this is not to scare anyone, but to educate them, especially buyers who may be moving to the state of Florida and who are unaware of flooding.

One way to educate a buyer is with a Flood Zone Report provided by an accredited third party not affiliated with any insurance company or banking institution. Having this report available to a buyer shows transparency as a seller and could possibly cut down on the due diligence period a buyer would need. Now, you as a property owner can purchase this report on your own and I have a link below to a service that is supported by our local Realtor's association and myself. This is not an affiliate link so I get no benefit from your click. What I will point out is that I provide this report FOR FREE to all of my clients who list their property with me. 
This is a bonus that I have chosen to include in my listing and marketing package as a real estate professional. I can expand on this topic more during a meeting which is just a phone call, text or email away

In closing...

All of the tips I have provided all come back to educating a buyer about owning and maintaining a lakefront property in Central Florida. If a buyer has this knowledge at the beginning of the sale process, it WILL it go much smoother and WILL result in a faster sale for you. This is also where enlisting a Real Estate Agent will be a great asset to this process. As this professional, I take the time to educate and pass along all of this information and more, to a prospective buyer and/or their agent so that they will have the tools to execute their due diligence in purchasing your property. I'm pretty sure that you are a busy individual who may not have the time to do all of this research among all the marketing needs to sell your lakefront property, but I do. Let's talk more about how I take these tips and so much more to net you a return on your investment! 

I encourage you to Reinvest in Orlando Real Estate today! 
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Three Tips to a Faster Sale of Lakefront Property in Central Florida

Many people dream of owning a lakefront property in Florida and we have plenty of lakes and rivers here to allow that dream to come true. No...